The new Google Magenta project lets you create a private virtual music room.

New details have been coming up in the tech world regarding the new Google Magenta project, which lets the users create their own virtual music room, which is powered by machine learning with lo-fi hip-hop tracks. The “Lo-Fi Player” is created by Vibert Thio, a Google Magenta intern with the help of researcher Douglas Eck. Now, this is a very interesting concept where you can interact with different things and customize the music. The user will be provided with the graphical animation of a room, which has a person, a cat, and some things, objects, and even musical instruments. 

As a user, when you tap on the item, it creates a new tone or music, which can be added to the Lo-Fi music, and hence can be customized. It is not the only thing available in it, as the user will also see a keyboard and a synthesizer that lets you play around with the chords, and select the instrument you want. And if you are not a cat person, you can even change it to a dog. Simply tap on the cat and the entire room will change and also will your pet. You can also restart your virtual music room by tapping on the green lamp on top. 

Now Google says that this is a small and easy project through which anyone can create their own music and customize various melodies. This kind of experience of customizing the music is both educational and interactive. This feature is also available on youtube, where you can play the music and comment in the live chatbox.

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