The new Oppo watch is going global

Oppo recently announced their Oppo watch, which had a very similar design to Apple and was said to be a great alternative to Apple watch. The watch was originally launched in China with a customized version of Android on board. However, Oppo has finally revealed its global plans to release the watch with Google’s Wear OS on board. Oppo released the watch as the first globally to launch with a dual-curved glass display.

The screen on the watch is OLED with curved on the two sides, like in smartphones. The watch is available in two different sizes, 46mm and 41mm, to select LTE connectivity for the 46mm model. The watch will also come with a large battery of 430mAh, which will have a fast charging of 50% in 15 minutes and a full charge in 75 minutes.

The hardware found on the Chinese version of the watch has powerful hardware and ran fluidly. The same is expected from the global version of the Oppo watch as well. Some details on the watch’s pricing have also revealed where the watch is said to be priced in the UK at £369 ($484) for 46mm, and the 41mm will be £229 ($300).

It will be surprising to see if Oppo plans to bring in some exciting and new features in the watch’s global variant. However, from the first impression that users had from the Chinese version, the watch is expected to perform outrageously well both in performance and looks.


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