These six apps have been detected to steal your banking information.

There are millions of apps on the Google play store, promising you a variety of features that will make using your smartphone easier. However, Google Play store regularly removes any such apps from their platform which does not follow their terms or have been using their apps to install malicious code and software to users’ phones. Such apps not only steal the data from the user’s phone but also sell the user information to many other countries. Now a list of six apps has been detected which can steal your banking information and lead to a loss of all your money immediately. 

Researchers from Pradeo were the ones who reported the issue in the apps and asked the users to immediately remove them. These apps have a malicious bot called “Joker” or Fleeceware which simulate clicks and intercept SMS to subscribe to unwanted paid premium services unbeknownst to users. The bot uses the least code and is easily hidden, which makes it very difficult to detect it. The six apps that should immediately be removed from the phone as per them are Emoji Wallpaper, Convenient Scanner 2, Safety AppLock, Push Message-Texting SMS, Separate Doc Scanner, Fingertip GameBox. 

All these six apps were detected to be carrying this malicious bot, which can easily scan the details used by the user on a smartphone and grab the details from the banking apps. Therefore, it is suggested that these apps should immediately be removed from the smartphone to make sure that you are not caught under a banking fraud.

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