Tim Cook reported having scrapped the original series about Gawker on Apple TV+

Apple TV is one of the best streaming services you can go for and Apple has been trying to add and create some of the best series and content that is only exclusive to Apple TV. As per the reports earlier, Apple TV+ was trying to create a new series based on Gawker Media which was in the early stages of development. However, the latest details provided by The New York Times, Apple TV+ has already scraped the show after the intervention of Apple CEO Tim Cook. 

The series was to be named the Scrapper and was based on two former Gawker staffers, Max Read and Cord Jefferson. Apple also hired two more former Gawker editors Emma Carmichael and Leah Beckmann as writers and had completed several episodes of the series. Gawker Media and Apple had faced off several times in the past and this might be one of the reasons why Tim Cook scrapped off the project. In 2010, the Gawker property Gizmodo leaked images of the iPhone 4 after finding it in a bar. 

In 2008, Gawker outed Tim Cook as gay. As per the reports, Tim Cook found out that there was an early development about a series for Gawker, he immediately told them to end the project. Tim Cook would not prefer to make a series on Gawker, which has been trying to humiliate the company at various times. Similar to this, Tim Cook has also intertwined with the Apple TV series Vital Signs and scrapped it over the concerns of violence and sexual content. 


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