Twitter adds a new experimental voice note feature for Indian users

Twitter has added a lot of features since the pandemic to enhance the experience of the users. Now, the micro-blogging site is all set to roll out a new feature in the Indian market only which will be experimental for now. The new feature would allow the users to send voice messages in direct messages to a user. The new feature will be rolled out to the Indian audience in phases, alongside two other countries Brazil, Japan. Although the feature is still experimental, it has received a lot of positive reviews and is still getting better day by day. 

As per the official statement of Manish Maheshwari, Managing Director of Twitter India, “India is a priority market for Twitter and that is why we’re constantly testing new features and learning from people’s experience on the service here. We’re excited to bring the voice messages in DMs experiment to the country and give people a new way to express themselves and help them connect through the nuances, emotion, and empathy built by hearing someone’s voice.” The voice message has been capped to a max of 140 seconds and can help people to chat with each other quickly. As per the company, there are a lot of things that cannot be explained in text and the new voice message feature will help to convey that. 

As per Alex Ackerman-Greenberg, Product Manager for direct messages at Twitter, “We are dedicated to giving people more options to express themselves in conversations on Twitter — both publicly and privately. We hope letting people record and send voice messages as DMs will enhance their conversational experience by adding convenience and expression.” Users can simply tap the new voice recording icon in direct messages on Android. On iOS, the users can hold down the voice recording icon and swiping up to send immediately after you’re done talking.

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