Google’s Voice Recorder app now gives the user option to edit by transcribed text.

Google has been providing a lot of different productive apps for users by default in the Android operating system. One of these apps is Google’s Recorder app, which is lite and does what it says. The Voice recording app was first introduced in Piel 4 and had the ability to transcribe text without any internet connection. It became one of the easiest ways to record an interview or conversation for people and get the copy as text to edit it and select the important parts. 

Now Google has added new features and optimization in version 2 of the Google Recorder app. Although the update is already pre-installed in Pixel 5. The new feature will allow the users to cut out or crop the parts of the audio by selecting the transcribed text and cutting it out from the original one. It makes it very easy to remove any kind of unwanted audio from the entire recording. It will also let you create a waveform video to help you with the transcription. 

You will also have the option to share it on social media and select between 1:1, vertical, or landscape aspect ratios. The app will also be able to recognize music, dog sounds, laughter, and applause and tag the same in the transcription. The best part is that the feature is completely offline and is a great way to record lectures, interviews, or just conversation. If you have not updated the app yet, then you can do it immediately to check out new features.


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