Twitter adding reactions to Tweet like Facebook and iMessages

Twitter seems to be very busy with a whole new set of features that they are planning to launch on their platform soon. A few days back, the news was that Twitter is working on the integration of Google account with Twitter, which allowed the users to create a new account or log in to the existing Twitter account using the Google account. The company is now working on a new feature where the users will be able to react to a tweet with reactions like Happy, Sab, Cheer, and more, something very similar to iMessage on the iPhone. 

It has also been confirmed that for now, the company has been able to prepare all the reactions, instead of two which were Hmm and Haha, by the end of May. Although the feature has not been released publically yet, it will soon be launched. One simply has to press and hold the Like button to see all the reactions and select one. This will bring a new experience to the users where they will be able to react to Twitter, similar to what they do on Facebook and other social media platforms. 

YouTube video

Apart from this feature, the company is also planning to create Space Rings for web format and also improve the DM search. These features are surely going to enhance the experience of users and we might have more details on the launch of these features and a lot more.


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