Twitter users can now share tweets directly to Instagram stories

Sharing cross-platform content on social media is one feature that most users want and also many companies have been working on. One of the best examples of the same was Facebook, which integrated the services of Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger apps. It seems Twitter is following a similar approach now and has added a new feature, especially for iOS users. Now, iOS users can directly share the tweets on Instagram stories, earlier they were able to share the tweets directly on Snapchat

The main aim of Twitter was to allow the users to seamlessly share the tweets on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Before adding this feature, users could only share the screenshot of the tweets on social platforms. For now, the feature will only be available to iOS users while there are no details as to when the feature will be added for Android users. One can simply tap the share icon on Twitter where the users will get the option of Instagram and from there the stories can be added to the stories. 

Once the draft is created one can add various elements of Instagram and share them to Instagram stories. Apart from sharing it individually, one can also share it directly with the groups on Instagram. The update seems to be a great option for those who did not like the concept of taking a screenshot of the tweet and then sharing it on Instagram. This update will not be applicable to protected tweets and cannot share with Instagram stories. 


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