UK-based Amazon customers are receiving utensils instead of Playstation 5, with some getting delivered messages without any delivery attempt

Playstation 5 has seen a large number of pre-order as soon as it was available for one. Where the gaming console was limited to availability for certain countries on November 11, it became globally available to all the users on November 19. As expected the pre-order went in high numbers on websites like Amazon, which was expected to arrive at the customer’s place on November 19. However, as per reports that are coming in, multiple UK based Amazon customers have claimed that their Playstation 5 has not arrived and is still showing as delivered. 

Other claims say that the boxes are either empty or are filled with utensils. This would not be a new case with e-commerce websites, as issues like these have been happening rarely with customers. However, when it comes to pre-order of Playstation, this is certainly a new case. A customer in the UK claimed that the order shown as missed despite no delivery was made and when she received it, it was an air fryer instead of a Playstation 5. Another customer received a coffee machine and foot massager. Some users even received animal food instead of the new gaming console. 

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As per the claims of one witness, “[PS5] got dispatched today and has been on the way. Just tracked the driver and saw he was a couple of houses away on the map. Next thing the van rolls up, backs up to my drive then stops. The driver doesn’t get out, pauses for 10 seconds then drives away. The package then said “handed to the resident and delivered.” It seems like Amazon is facing some issues regarding the PS5 delivery, but have not yet acknowledged the case. It seems like most of the users will be getting a refund instead.

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