Fake and unverified Windows 11 installer can add malware and virus to your system

After the grand reveal of Windows 11, Microsoft launched the test version of Windows 11 which can be used to build apps, and for another testing purpose by developers. While this version was specifically meant for testers and developers, many users tried to get their hands on the first experience of Windows 11 and were able to download and install the same on their system. However, with it came to a big security risk on the internet as well.

Till now, there are multiple fake copies of the Windows 11 operating system on the internet which not only install malware and viruses on your system but also lead to a lot of other risks. The risk was detected and confirmed by Kaspersky. It usually happens when the user downloads the installer from an unknown and unverified source. Such files not only contain fake files but also malware and other harmful files which provide access to your system to hackers.

The downloaded file will ask the user to download and install a sponsored program to activate the Windows file and in return download and install files that corrupt the system. While the stable version of Windows 11 is still in work, users are trying to get a hands-on experience through the developer version of the operating system. If you are planning to download and install the same as well, then make sure to download it from a verified source only. Any unverified source will lead to a cyberattack on your system, compromising your critical data.


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