Users will now be able to make voice and video calls directly from the Facebook app

Ever since the epidemic started, voice and video calls have become a lot more important as they help to connect people both personally and professionally. Facebook Messenger has been one such tool that has helped people to connect with each other for free using their video and voice calls feature. However, when the user tries to place a call through Facebook, it automatically redirects them to the Messenger app and initiates the call from there. 

This might not remain the case anymore in the future as Facebook has been allowing a handful of users to use voice and video calls directly from the main Facebook app. The feature has been activated from them only on a trial basis from now and it would make making calls a lot easier on Facebook. Although users will be able to make the calls from Facebook’s main app in the future, they will still need to use the Messenger app for the same to use all the features it has. 

Also, since Facebook has been trying to integrate messenger with Instagram and WhatsApp, they would allow users to make calls from Messenger to any contact on Instagram and WhatsApp as well. There is no confirmation from Facebook as to when the feature will be launched to all the Facebook users globally as the feature is still being tested for any kind of bugs. However, this feature would not leave the users dependent on voice and video calls on the standalone app of Messenger.

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