Facebook is integrating Messenger and Instagram chats through the new update

It has been a dream of Mark Zuckerberg to integrate all the cross-platform services into a single cross-platform of personal data and it seems he has started rolling out this feature as well. We all know that Facebook is the parent company for both Instagram and WhatsApp, therefore, it was imperative that both of them are going to use common features and share the data as well.

As per the recent update, Facebook has now started integrating Facebook Messenger and Instagram chats in the new updates. The chat platform integration would first be launched in the US and then it will be launched slowly to other parts of the globe as well. The users on Instagram will see a Popup with the message “There’s a New Way to Message on Instagram“.

It will also include an option “chat with friends who use Facebook” and more options for emojis. Earlier in July, Facebook also tried to integrate the Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, and Messenger chats, to provide a single cross-platform communication platform for all the users across the globe. This feature would eventually allow two users to chat with each other, even if they are using a completely different app like Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct, or Whatsapp.

The feature would also share the personal data of the user among the platforms, due to which the users do not have to provide all the details again and again in each app. It can be the personal details or the payment details for in-app purchases.

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