Users wonder how government agencies were able to get WhatsApp chats, which even WhatsApp doesn’t have access to.

There has been a lot of fuss about how government agencies were able to access end-to-end encrypted chats in Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. Since it includes the name of many known celebrities, WhatsApp users in India are very curious to know as to how the government agencies could get all the past chats for the accused and whether the end-to-end encryption for Facebook makes any sense if the chats are easily available to any agency. End-to-End encryption basically means that the chat between two users on WhatsApp is the only one who can access the messages. 

Apart from them no one else can access it or hack it, not even WhatsApp themselves is allowed to view the messages between the user. People were assured about the feature on the app and believed it works. However, after the government agencies got their hands on new and older chats of Rhea Chakrobaty and Deepika Padukone, the users have been made to think that the end-to-end encryption might not be that secure after all. WhatsApp has already made it clear that the chats cannot be accessed in any case unless you have the access to the device. They made it clear that since they themselves cannot access the chats of the users on their platform and cannot retrieve the deleted chats, there is no way that the chats have been recovered without using the device. 

The company has made it clear that they follow all the guidelines that are necessary to maintain the security feature on the apps and also encourages users to use high-security passwords, biometrics, face recognition to protect their data stored on WhatsApp. The question still remains that how were the chats exposed to government agencies and no one seems to have the correct answer to it, leaving the WhatsApp users in confusion.


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