WhatsApp adding new advance search feature for beta users

WhatsApp has been busy recently in adding a lot of new features to its messaging app. The messenger app recently announced its new feature where the users can directly search the news of images on the web to check their authenticity and make sure whether the forwarded message is news or rumor. Now, the company is added a new search function for some of the Beta users of the app. We already have a search function in WhatsApp, where the users can search for a previous chat or details through the search option and can also search for a user.

The search results were shown in the form of text. However, the company is now adding a bit of change to that as well. The developers are working on an advanced search option in WhatsApp that can search for images, text, videos, audio, GiF’s, and a lot more. The user will be provided with the filter through which they can make the search choice. The feature has not been developed yet and is still in the beta stage for testing.

The feature will be rolled out to a few beta users who are using the beta version to Although the feature is not available to all the beta version users, it is expected to be finalized in the next couple of months.

You can touch the Search icon as usual in the app, and it will give you options below it to search from various file types such as images, links, videos, etc. The option will be available when the user is searching for a specific chat or global search in the app. Once the feature is rolled out to selective beta users, more screenshots and details will be released about the feature. Until then, the users will have to wait until the beta stage for the feature is complete.

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