We could be looking at the launch of a new PUBG game in the year 2021

While the Indian users are looking forward to the re-launch of the new PUBG game in the Indian market, the game is already becoming more and more popular around the world. Ever since the game was launched, it has managed to impress a large number of games and now it seems like PUBG corporation is all set to bring in a new game into the market which is going to be as engaging as the original PUBG. Kim Chang-Han, the victor of national coding competitions in South Korea in the 1980s, is planning to launch an initial public offering (IPO) worth billions in mid-to-late 2021. 

As per the confirmation from Bloomberg, a new battle Royale game could be launching in the year 2021. Also, this game will not be a replica or spinoff of the original PUBG game, in fact, the parent company PUBG corporation is looking forward to bringing in several multiplayer games into the market which will be based on the multiplayer shooter genre. It has also been confirmed that the new games will be supported on all platforms like mobile, PC, and consoles. 

The Gaming company Krafton is also working on two new projects apart from PUBG and one of the upcoming titles from them is “The Callisto Protocol.” It has also been known that the company is already working on the Dead Space franchise and we could be looking at a smartphone-compatible Dead Space game as well. No matter what, the company is looking forward to releasing another PUBG-related PC and console game by this year or next.

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