“Wearable AC” launched by Sony to beat the summer

In some countries, summer can be really hot and going out in such weather is not less than sin. It is the reason why people like to stay indoors or outside in an environment with air conditioning. However, it is not possible to carry such heavyweight and electrical air conditioning everywhere. If you have ever wished for your AC to go around with you everywhere, Sony has heard you.

They have recently announced a new device calledReon Pocket“, a wearable Air condition. They have launched it through “First Flight“, which is the company’s incubator-cum-crowdfunding platform. The device is meant to keep the users free of sweat in hot summers. The device is easy to fit in your palm and is portable in size.

You will have to keep it in a dedicated inner that you will have to wear inside to use the device. The inner is designed as a “V-neck” T-shirt, and it comes with a pocket to place the device right between the shoulders, on the back. The device can be used with the application installed on the smartphone.

The application will be available for both iOS and Android smartphones. The device will connect to the app using Bluetooth, and you can use the application to maintain the temperature inside. The device has been initially launched in Japan at the price of 13,000 yen (~$122) or Rs 9,107. However, based on the product’s success, it can be expected to launch in other countries as well.


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