Microsoft Teams would allow you to transfer calls between multiple devices in the future

Microsoft Teams now have an immense number of users who use it not only for personal calls but also for professional usage. Recently, the company has been trying to integrate a lot of features in both the web client and desktop & mobile applications of the platform. Now, as per a new update, the Microsoft Team users will be able to seamlessly transfer calls between desktop, and mobile phones, which would allow them to move around the location during the video calls and without even disconnecting them. 

As per their official statement, “You will be able to shift your calls between your mobile and desktop endpoints with an easy-to-use interface on the Teams app.” The feature is expected to come in early 2021 and will be having a new calling interface with the visibility of contacts, voicemail, and calling history in a single location in Teams. As per the statement of Nicole Herskowitz, the General Manager for Microsoft Teams, “The enhanced Calls app brings the most important calling elements—the dial pad, call history, voicemail, contacts, and settings—into a single location, making it easier to stay connected in the flow of your work.” 

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The company also announced Microsoft Teams support for Carplay and said, “With CarPlay, you can use your vehicle’s built-in controls to operate Teams, including using Siri to place and answer calls.” Team users will also be able to save call recordings in OneDrive and SharePoint. Other capabilities that are coming to Teams in external guest addition to calls, identifying spans and fake users and a lot more.

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