Western Digital unveils portable SSD lineup 4TB storage space

When it comes to storage drives, one name is common and also one of the most popular, Wester Digital or WD. The news from Western Digital comes in for people who are creative professionals and gamers, looking for solid-state drives with more storage. The company has recently unveiled a new range of solid-state drives with 4TB of storage which is the highest storage in SSD they are offering. The SSD will be launched by the end of March at a price tag of $700. 

Till now, the SSDs were only available in smaller storage memories and at a very high price due to the data transfer speed it provides over the traditional drives. Western Digital has currently three products in the SSD lineup with some having speeds of 1000-2000Mbps. The SSD has mainly been made for creative professionals who have a lot of storage requirements and do not want the hassle of emptying the storage drive again and again. 

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Also, the new SSD would perfectly pair with the new generation of XBOX and Playstation consoles, which offers gaming at a much higher quality and so the requirement of the storage space also increases. The new WD SSD comes with 2,000 Mbps read and write speeds and has been specially designed for gamers. The SSD is compatible with PC, and gaming consoles and will be available till March-end through online and offline retailers. If you are looking for something like this to pair with your new gaming console, then this would be the right storage solution for you.


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