WhatsApp to bring view once feature and notification changes to iOS beta

WhatsApp introduced the View Once feature in the beta version of the app for Android where the users can send messages to the recipient which will disappear after the users view the image. The company provided the feature in the beta version of the app, but there was no confirmation as to when the feature will be added to the iOS version. Now WhatsApp has confirmed that the feature has been added to the beta version for iOS and will soon be released on the final public version after all the bugs have been removed and feature tested.

The iOS beta version for WhatsApp with this feature is With the new features, the messaging app will have the Snapchat-like disappearing message feature and it will not allow the recipients to save the video or image that is sent by the other user. Once the user is able to view the image or video, it will automatically be deleted, and will not be stored in the phone memory of the user.

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However, the screenshot issue that came in the Snapchat disappearing message, was not available in the beta version for Android and the same seems to be the case in iOS as well. The beta version does not alert the users when someone takes a screenshot of the file sent. Apart from that, the messaging app on iOS will also have a new in-app notification menu that allows users to see more details in the messages. The user will be able to scroll up and down the chat preview from notifications.

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