WhatsApp View Once feature to roll out soon, but will not be useful without screenshot detection

WhatsApp has been working on a lot of new features, and from time to time, they have been rolled out in stable updates. One such feature that the company has been working on since last year is the View Once feature. It allows the sender to send an image to the receiver which can only be viewed once and then it will be removed or deleted automatically. The company seems to have completed the development of this feature and it will soon be rolled out in the stable update for the users. 

However, this feature is not as useful as it might sound. The users will still have the option to take a screenshot of the image before it is being deleted, which makes the new feature almost useless. WhatsApp has not yet rolled out the feature on the app which blocks any user from taking the screenshot of such messages. The screenshot detection feature should have been a part of this feature to provide complete protection to the user’s data. 

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Although the View once feature can be used to make the receiver view the image only till the time it is open, there are a lot of workarounds and bypasses through which screenshot detection can also be avoided. Therefore, the rollout of the feature will be of no use to the users unless more steps are taken from Whatsapp to resolve other issues. With such issues, users are always suggested to send the media on such platforms which are not very important to them.

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