WhatsApp is bringing a message reaction feature soon

WhatsApp has been working on a large number of features currently in the beta version of the app, which will soon be brought to the global version of the apps as well. One of such features that have been disclosed recently is where the users will be able to add reactions to the messages. It is a similar feature that one gets on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, and more. However, WhatsApp did not have the feature for a long time. Perhaps, it was time that Facebook added the feature to this platform as well. 

Currently, if the users want to react to a message on WhatsApp, they have to quote the message and then add an emoji in the message to let them know about the reaction. However, after the feature has been added, the users will be able to add a reaction directly to the message that has been sent by the person and it will be visible to both. It is very similar to what Facebook Messenger has also been using and something similar will be added to WhatsApp as well. 

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However, both the parties who are messaging each other will have to update their WhatsApp version to use the feature for their messages. In case a person reacts to your message and you do not have the option to do so, the app will instantly give a pop-up to update it and add the message reaction feature. By adding more and more features, WhatsApp has been trying to get more users on their platform, especially after they lost many of them to Signal and Telegram earlier this year.

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