Whatsapp brings the new “Linked Device” feature

With so many new updates coming for smartphones and popular social media platforms, Whatsapp would certainly not like to be left behind. As per the latest reports from moneycontrol, the company has been working on a new feature called “Linked devices“, which will be made available to all the users globally. The new feature is said to allow a Whatsapp user to use the application on four devices simultaneously, with the same account.

It is a feature that the company has been working on for a long time. Once this feature is available as an update, it can be activated through the three dots visible on the top right of the Whatsapp screen. 

Once activated, the user can log in to Whatsapp with the same account on four devices. The data and chats between them will be under continuous sync, and it will allow the users to continue the chat using any different device. The chat visible on one device will also be available on the other three devices.

The feature is currently in its Beta stage and is being tested for any remaining bugs. The feature is expected to be rolled out very soon to all the global users. Another update on Whatsapp will also allow the users to search for files from different categories of data like photos, videos, GiFs, links, and documents, etc. 

However, there is no official information on when this feature will be rolled out on the application as it is still under development. Once developed, it will go under many testing phases before being rolled out. These are not the only features that you will see on this app. Along with Facebook resources, the company is trying to develop many new features revealed in the future. The linked device feature is something users were looking forward to and will be made available to every user soon.


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