WhatsApp to add large link preview feature for iOS users

A new feature for WhatsApp has been introduced to the Beta users which allows the users to check the shared link in the chat. The feature is called large link preview and will soon be released for iOS and Android users. The details were leaked by WABetaInfo and they also confirmed that the new feature is currently under development and it may take a while before it is publically released. In this feature, the users will be able to view a large high-resolution preview of the link in WhatsApp before opening the link. 

For websites that do not have a high-resolution preview, smaller thumbnails will be displayed. Apart from that other two major developments from WhatsApp is the introduction of disappearing images. In this, the users will be able to send an image to another user which will disappear after it has been viewed once. However, it is still not clear if the new feature will also have the screenshot detection feature which will stop any users from taking the screenshot of the image before it is being removed automatically. 

YouTube video

Another update in the app that is still in development is the green color notification for Android. Earlier the notifications were developed to be blue in color but were later changed again to green as per the user’s choice. Apart from these, there are a lot more updates coming up from Whatsapp where a lot of new features are currently being developed for the app.


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