WhatsApp to provide rewards to users on using their WhatsApp Payment system

WhatsApp introduced its payment method on the app a while back with an intention to increase the e-commerce business on its platform. Although it is not as widely used by people for making payments, the company is planning new things to promote its payment system. WhatsApp has recently rolled out a new update on their Payment feature in India and Brazil where the users will be getting rewards and cashback on making payments through the platform. 

Previously the company added a new payment chat shortcut to let users send the money quickly. Now the new cashback and reward feature has been introduced to make sure that people are encouraged to use the WhatsApp Payment system more. The features tracker posted a screenshot that showed a new cashback banner at the top of the chat window. It has not been confirmed by the company whether cashback is available for all the transactions made through WhatsApp payment or only on the first transaction. 

The feature has currently been rolled out only to Beta users of the apps and when the final version of the app is released, it might include more rewards and features. The cashback feature is only limited to the UPI payment structure that the platform uses. The company is yet to make any kind of official announcement about the same, but we can expect it when the stable version of the feature is released. If you want to try out these features in Beta, you can install WhatsApp beta for iOS and WhatsApp beta for Android

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