WhatsApp to update their privacy policy in India

WhatsApp has been facing a lot of backlash in the Indian market after they changed the privacy policy and it was made a mandate for the users to use the apps. After so many issues, WhatsApp has finally announced that they will be updating the privacy policies again and the update will soon be made public. The company has also revealed that they have conveyed to the Indian government its commitment to protecting personal communications in India. 

As per their official statement, “Due to misinformation and based on feedback from our users, we have pushed back the timeline of acceptance of WhatsApp’s terms of service and privacy policy to the 15th of May. In the meantime, we continue to engage with the government and are grateful for the opportunity to answer questions that we received from them. We’ve also included more information to try and address concerns we’re hearing. Eventually, we’ll start reminding people to review and accept these updates to keep using WhatsApp. As a reminder, we’re building new ways to chat or shop with a business on WhatsApp that are entirely optional. Personal messages will always be end-to-end encrypted, so WhatsApp can’t read or listen to them.” 

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The update to their privacy policy came back in January, after which the company lost millions of uses in days and they went on to Telegram and Signal. Now with the updated policies, the company is trying to tell the users that their chats will be completely safe, as before the changes in policies.


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