WhatsApp new feature allows users to put group chats on mute forever.

For WhatsApp users, one of the biggest problems was the constant ringing of messages from the unwanted groups, which they couldn’t leave and also cannot avoid them forever. However, the new feature from WhatsApp will now allow you to do so. The new feature of WhatsApp on Android phones allows the user to mute a certain group forever. This was definitely one of the most demanded features of WhatsApp that the users have been asking for a long time now. The new feature has now appeared on the latest beta update and will soon be rolled out as the final version. 

The latest update suggests that there will be a change in the interface for muting the WhatsApp group. As per the current version, the users have the option of muting a group for 8 hours, one week, or one year. Now, alongside the 8 hours and one-week options, WhatsApp users on Android will get an ‘always’ option to tick, giving them relief from the group conversations that they would rather avoid than be notified about. WhatsApp group has been a great feature for the users in order to share the content with family members and friends. 

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However, it has also led to cyberbullying, scams, and other related activities. WhatsApp has now introduced a stricter privacy control, using which users can now restrict who can add them to a WhatsApp group. Once the privacy settings are on, group invitations will come in the form of a private message, which allows a user to see the group topic and members in it. Also, the forever mute option will give the users better control over group conversations.


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