WhatsApp rolls out “Always Mute feature” for iOS and Android.

A few days back a new beta feature was rolled out by WhatsApp where the user can put the group on mute forever. However, since the feature was in development, there was no confirmed date as to when it will be available to users as a final update. Now, WhatsApp has finally rolled out the “Always Mute” option to the users globally, allowing them to put a WhatsApp group on mute forever. The feature was one of the most requested by the users for a long time, due to which the company finally introduced it. 

Earlier, the user only had the option of a maximum of 1 year, till the time group chats could be put on Mute. the feature will now finally be rolled out for both the Android and iOS users. This is a stable release after the beta version of the feature was already in development for a couple of months. The new feature was officially announced by the company on its official Twitter page where it can be seen with other options of 8 hours and one wheel for muting a chat. 

The feature is self-explanatory and replaces the time of 1 year for muting the chat. This will be a great feature for those who do not want to exit the group but are unable to handle the constant messages from the group as well. To enable it, go to the chat, you want to mute and click on three buttons on the top right. Select Mute notification and select the duration as Always.


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