New WhatsApp vulnerability discovered, leading the attackers to access sensitive information

The last few months have been very critical for WhatsApp when it comes to security flaws. A lot of new flaws have been found and fixed for the app in the past few months. Now, yet another security issue has been found in WhatsApp where it allows the attackers to gain access to all the sensitive information of the users. The issue has been brought into light by CERT, which is a cyber agency in India. 

They have informed WhatsApp about the vulnerability and have confirmed the loopholes and weaknesses in the security structure of the app. The vulnerability has been discovered in the app before version v2.21.4.18 and before version v2.21.32 on the iOS platform. It’s not just one, but multiple loopholes have been found in the app which would provide the attacker with access to the code and information of the user. The reason behind the vulnerability seems to be a cache configuration in the app and the lack of any checks within the audio decoding pipeline. 

For now, the agency has recommended the users update the app on their smartphone to the latest version to resolve the issue. WhatsApp has not confirmed that issue till now however, the issue does not seem to be visible in the latest version. It is not the first time this has happened, as a lot of new bugs have been found in the code of the apps in the past few months, leading to the risk of data being exposed to attackers and hackers.

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