Major WhatsApp vulnerabilities fixed by the company.

WhatsApp has today announced a few major vulnerabilities which the company detected and have been able to resolve as well. There were a total of six vulnerabilities that the company has been able to resolve. The company has posted reports of these vulnerabilities on a dedicated security advisory website, which will also act as a list of all the security updates the company has provided till now. The company has also revealed the information that five out of six bugs were resolved in a day and the last bug took a few days to fix. 

Some bugs were reported to provide remote access to the data, which could have been a serious security issue, but WhatsApp has confirmed that it has found no evidence that the vulnerability was exposed and used by hackers in any way. The bugs were found using the company’s specially developed Bug Bounty Program, and some during routine code check. Since WhatsApp is one of the world’s largest messaging apps with billions of users, hackers are constantly keeping an eye on any such vulnerability that could allow them access to the data of users. 

The good thing in this was that WhatsApp has been trying to be transparent about any kind of vulnerability and how they are resolving it. Also, the company is already working on a new feature, which allows the user to remove WhatsApp junk from the app itself. Although the feature is still in the testing phase, it will soon be made available in the future.


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