WhatsApp working on new message reaction feature

WhatsApp has been working on a lot of new features for their app in the Beta platform and new features have been leaked for iOS devices. The new feature brings the ability to manage the reactions, their notification, and change their tone as well. The users will be able to manage the notification for their reactions in the same way they do it for the messages they receive in the app. They would also have the option to disable the notification for these reactions on the app.

The option will work on both the individual chats and groups chats. The feature is currently under development by the company and is not yet available on public beta. Therefore, it might take a few more weeks before it comes to beta users and a couple of months thereafter for the stable global launch. Apart from this feature, the company is already working on the multi-device support 2.0 which will also bring an iPad app for WhatsApp and will let users use it even without any internet connection and even when the primary smartphone is off or not working.

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The feature is already available in the beta stage for the users and will soon be released for global users on the stable version. With the new version, one can pair up to four devices in a single account. They have recently rolled out a stable global feature as well which provides end-to-end encryption for iOS and Android users. Therefore, with this feature, the backup with encryption will only be accessible to the user.


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