WhatsApp working on a new “Upload Quality”, might launch soon

It seems like a lot of new features are about to come for WhatsApp users in a short period of time. They have already been working on disappearing messages and link preview features, and now a new feature has come into the news. The newest feature is related to the sharing of video and images on WhatsApp. The “Upload Quality” feature is one way through which the users will be able to select the file size of image and video before sending it to another person on WhatsApp. 

Currently, whenever one sends an image or video on WhatsApp, it reduces the file size to send it easily over the internet. However, reducing the file size also leads to a decrease in the quality of the same. The new Upload quality feature is currently under development and would allow the users to send the files without compressing the file size and the actual quality of the file. As per the leaked details, the users will be able to select between the options of Auto, Best Quality, and Data Saver. 

The feature will soon be ready and will first be released for Android users. Soon after, the feature will also be released for iOS users. The new feature will work on all types of individual chats, groups, and even on the broadcast list. It would remove the limitation of sending a 100MB video file at one time and will allow the users to send the file in their original size. The feature will soon be released in future updates.

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