WhatsApp to add a new set of features, including the ability to mute videos before sending them.

WhatsApp has been adding a lot of new features to their app lately and one of them was disappearing messages, which was released a few days back. Now the company is working on yet another feature that would let the users mute their videos before sending them to their contact or putting them in their status. The details for the feature were provided by Wabetainfo which informed that the new feature has appeared on the beta updates of the app. As per their official statement, “After enabling Advanced Wallpaper features and Disappearing messages, WhatsApp is working on new features now

The next feature, available in a future update, will allow muting videos before sending to contact or your status updates.” It’s not only the mute option, but the users will also be able to trim their videos before sending them to the users. It is not the only feature that WhatsApp has been working on. The company is also working on a new feature called Read Later. The feature will replace archive chats and will have a “Vacation mode” as well. 

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The Vacation mode will allow archiving all the chats even when new messages appear from a contact. The Read Later option, when enabled, will also disable the new chat notification for the user, unless the functionality is disabled again. There will also be an Edit button in the Read Later section that will help users to customize and edit their archived settings. The features are currently a part of the beta update and will be officially announced by WhatsApp in the future.

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