Windows 10 users facing issue while installing the update

It would not be the first time that Windows users have started facing lots of issues right after the new update. However, the issue seems to have become a lot more persistent with time and it seems that the Microsoft Windows Team is really having a bad time with them. Recently, some of the Windows 10 users have started facing a lot of issues in the operating system after installing the update KB5001330. Microsoft has released a list of all the updates in the month of April earlier this week. 

The list also included the mentioned update and was mandatory as it resolved the issue that was created because of the last update. Now many users are facing the issue where the update cannot be installed on any system. Users are also facing an error code 0x800f0984 while trying to install the update. The issue is very common on two specific devices, which are the Surface Studio 2 and Pro 7. When trying to install the update, it pauses at 20%, then 73%, and when finally it reaches 100% it crashes and fails. The three error codes that the users can see in this scenario are 0x800f081f, 0x800f0984 and 0x800f0922. 

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Also, if the users are able to install the updates successfully, they are facing multiple performance issues in gaming like frame rate drop, stuttering, and a lot more. Users who had the update installed, are rolling back the system to the previous version to resolve the issue. Microsoft has not made any kind of official statement on the same, but it seems like there is no fix currently to failed installation. However, if the user is facing issues after installation, the only resolution for the same is rollback to the previous version.


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