New Security patch from Microsoft resolved more than 120 bugs and issues

Microsoft has recently released a new security patch for its Windows operating system and Edge where it is said that more than 120 flaws have been fixed. Kaspersky had earlier provided Microsoft with a report where it found a remote code execution bug in internet explorer scripting engine. The latest August update which takes care of these bugs and various others has been rolled out globally. It also includes the two zero-day bugs and Internet Explorer that were being exploited by the hackers.

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The security patch will also bring improvement and bug resolutions to SQL server and, .NET framework. Out of all the 120 bugs that have been resolved, it was noticed that 17 bugs were rated to be very critical, also the zero-day bugs reported by ZDNet has also been resolve under this patch. As per the developer team in Microsoft, the bug allowed the hackers to validate incorrectly on the operating system. Other bugs were also found in the report of Kaspersky that uses the code to integrate or inject malicious software and code to the system. This bug was also identified by the company and has now been completely resolved.

Microsoft has been facing a lot of attacks and bug issues lately and the company has been realising the patches regularly to make sure that the issues do not prevail for so long. The new bugs in the Microsoft Edge do state that hackers have been trying to use the code on Edge to get unauthorized access to Windows file.

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