Windows users unable to use printer after the update for Print Nightmare issue

A few days back, Windows users were facing an issue where the attackers could execute malicious code in the system and make changes in the existing programs. The issue also allowed the attackers to create a new user account with full privileges. After recognizing the issues, Windows created an update for the users and released it publically. 

Although the update fixed the issue but created another issue for the users where they were unable to connect their system with the printers. The update was rolled out for all the systems running on Windows 7 to Windows 10 and once the update was installed, users were unable to use the printer. The users stated that the system was unable to detect the printer and connect with it. The same issue was also reported for multiple users after installing the update. The update was meant to clock an execution code in the Print spooler, which is known as PrintNightmare. 

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The issue was specifically reported by more than a thousand zebra printer users. Some of the users tried to roll back the update and have reported that as soon as it was done, the printer started working like before, confirming that the issue was with the update. The Windows update KB5004945 caused the printing issue and the update for the issue will be released in 1-2 business days. For now, the users have been asked to uninstall the update or reinstall the printer drivers again with the administrator account. 


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