Xiaomi demonstrates how UWB technology will be the way to interact with devices using your smartphone.

Xiaomi has made a name for itself by introducing new and innovative technologies in the market at the most affordable cost. Not only that, the company has been trying to bring out new innovations that would completely change the way people interact with apps and devices. The technology called Ultra Wide Band has been applied to several smartphones, including the Mi 10 5G. The technology not only provides high bandwidth but also calculates the distance and the relative position between devices. 

It helps to accurately measure the distance and provides a new way to interact with the devices. Using the phone one can use direction tracking, which tells the phone which device you are pointing at and also allows you to control it. One of the best examples is Television, where the phone will identify it and will allow you to control it as well. Xiaomi demonstrated the technology through a video and claims that this will be the future of how you control your connected device through the smartphone. 

There is no doubt in the fact that smartphones today do a lot more than what they used to in the past, and the future holds a lot more than that. The new technology will allow you to do many things based on distance tracking. Your doors will automatically unlock as you get closer to it and even locks it when you get far away. Samsung has been one of the few phones that have added the UWB technology to their smartphones like Galaxy Note20. 


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