Xiaomi is working on developing a new kind of smart glasses with therapeutic properties

When it comes to Xiaomi, they really know how to make news with new kinds of devices and technology that they have constantly been working on. The company is already known for providing a diverse portfolio of devices for consumers and now they are also working on a new kind of therapeutic glasses with smart features. The details came in from GizChina that Xioami has been granted a new patent where the smart glasses have been integrated with treatment capabilities. The smart glasses will emit some therapeutic signals including photography signals and wave signals. 

These waves will be used to treat various health conditions such as brain diseases, mental diseases, and eye fatigue. The device is also expected to come with a new kind of light therapy signal which will be very useful in treating mental illness and other issues like headache and fatigue. The device will be using magnetic or electromagnetic waves to resolve the mental issues and also promote blood circulation in the brain. 

YouTube video

Although the company has been granted a patent for the technology, there is no assurance if the device with such capabilities will be made commercial. It might be a possibility that the device would solely be used and sold for medical purposes only. In the meanwhile, Apple is also working on developing a new kind of smart glasses which is expected to be launched somewhere in the year 2022. It is supposed to have AR/VR capabilities and come with Sony microOLEDs offering a resolution of 1280×960 pixels.

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