To resolve the iOS 14 issues, you might have to reset your phone.

Apple iOS updates have never been perfect and have always come with its fair share of bugs and issues. This time its iOS 14 and watchOS 7 have created a lot of problems for Apple Watch and iPhone users. The users have been facing a wide variety of issues in their devices after updating. Some of the most common issues include missing fitness data, health apps that refuse to open, inaccurate reports of stored data, and increased battery drain on iPhones and Apple Watches. Users have been tweeting a lot on Apple’s page about the issues they are facing, out of which one issue is battery drain. 

One of the customers has tweeted that the iPhone battery drained from 90% to 3% in an hour. Although this is not a common problem for all users but is one of the user issues that can be seen in the iOS 14 update. Apple did release the 14.0.1 update to fix most of the bugs, but many issues still remain unfixed. Apple also stated that if the users are facing more than one issue with their device after the iOS 14 update then they simply need to unpair your iPhone and your Apple Watch, back up to iCloud, erase all content from your iPhone, and then restore your iPhone and Apple Watch from the backups. 

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This step will not restore the workout route maps, environmental sound levels, or any other missing data. Therefore, it seems like the issue will simply ask you to reset the phone, will some loss of the data. Many users have suggested not to update the phone to iOS 14 until the resolution for the issues is available through an update.


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