Xiaomi to bring Mi Mix smartphone with liquid lens technology.

We would all agree on the fact that one of the most evolved features of smartphones has been the camera. Most of the companies have invested millions in camera technology to make sure that their phone emerges as one of the best camera phones out there. Due to this, smartphone companies have been teaming up with companies such as Carl Zeiss, Hasselblad, and a lot more, to get the next generation of cameras in their smartphone and have an edge in the smartphone market. 

Now Xiaomi has been planning to bring back the Mi Mix series of smartphones and is expected to launch a teaser on March 29. The phone is supposed to have a camera with a liquid lens, which was researched and developed in-house by Xiaomi. The lens is supposed to imitate the human eyes and focus instantly on the object at various distances. The technology has been named Bionic photography and is basically a transparent fluid wrapped from the ultra-thin film that can change the curvature of the lens to achieve rapid refocusing and minimize distortion. 

The liquid or fluid used in the lens has high light transmittance, ultra-low dispersion and is extremely resistant to environmental factors. Apart from this, there is no other information on what the smartphone will come with and bring a whole new experience in mobile photography. The phone is expected to launch in the Q2 of this year and we can surely say that the phone will definitely break a lot of barriers in the mobile photography segment.


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