Xiaomi takes a jibe at Apple for not including the charger in the package.

After the new iPhone 12 series was announced, the biggest change in the packaging of the iPhone was no inclusion of earphones and charger. While this was done due to environmental reasons, as per Apple and making their device environment friendly, not everyone supported this change from Apple. One of the smartphone companies to show this was Xiaomi. The company has been making a similar change without the removal of a charger or case by simply changing the packaging box from plastic to Cardboard. 

It would simply result in 60% less plastic, which is going to be more environmentally friendly. This was taken as an opportunity by Xiaomi to remind people how Apple is making a bad decision for iPhone users. It’s not only iPhone 12, but the company has also decided to remove the earphones and chargers from the older version of the iPhones as well. As per them, it was done to reduce its carbon footprint in multiple ways, including in the transportation of lighter retail boxes. However, the company still continues to provide the USB Type-C to Lightning cable with iPhone 12 units only. 

Xiaomi was the first company to poke Apple for the decision and has highlighted the fact that reducing plastic wastage in smartphone packaging can also be done without removing the charger. It is something many Apple fans also agree to as the cost of the charging bricks itself has been placed at more than $60 and more. This might be a great step as per Apple, but companies are not letting this opportunity go to make customers realize that this was a bad decision from Apple.

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