Xiaomi develops a new technology to charge smartphone through sound

When it comes to charging technology in smartphones and other electronic devices, it has developed a lot over the years. From just basic charging speeds to 120W and more, charging technology and means have been increasing at a vast rate. Now Xiaomi has filed a new patent in China where the system uses mechanisms for storing energy and a sound charger allowing the smartphones to be charged using sound. The patent was filed with China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and is something really out of the future. 

The mechanism allows the vibration from the sound to convert into an alternating current and is then converted to DC for charging the smartphones. Xiaomi has been trying to bring out and experiment with new charging technologies for their smartphone which not only makes them unique but also allow them to provide their smartphones with more efficient charging solutions. Earlier this year, the company also came up with Aircharge, where a single device at your home can charge all the devices wirelessly. 

The waves automatically connect to the devices nearby and charge them, multiple devices at one time. They have also developed a new charging technology called Hypercharge which allows fast charging of up to 200W fast charging to the devices. Although all these charging technologies are not commercially available and the company is currently working on them to make them better, it is for sure that all these charging technologies from Xiaomi are going to change the way companies provide charging solutions to the company.


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