Youtube to add PiP functionality on iOS devices

Youtube has finally decided to add the PiP support for the iOS devices, something that was already present for Android smartphones. The PiP feature allows the users on Youtube to watch the video in the small pop-up, even after the Youtube app has been closed. The feature will be available for both premium and free users on Youtube. The company has also confirmed that the update will first be rolled out to all the premium users and once it is completed, it will be rolled out for all the iOS users in the US. 

However, Youtube has not yet confirmed when the feature will be rolled out for the global audience. The PiP feature was already available on the iPad OS where the users could access it through Youtube working on the Safari browser. For now, it is clear that the new feature will be available on the Youtube app for both free and premium users in the US, however, it is not certain that the same will continue for users on a global scale. 

It can be a case that the premium users globally receive the feature while the free users are only able to access the features through Youtube on a web browser. Although there are a lot of workarounds to disable and enable the PiP feature on devices, the addition of the features on the iOS devices is surely going to be useful for the users. It is also expected that the feature will be updated for global users by the end of the year.

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