Youtube users are facing a global outage.

When it comes to online video streaming there is no better platform than Youtube, which is the largest collection of videos to watch from. However, the users have been unable to watch videos on the platform lately. If you have also been facing the same issue, then it’s probably not just a coincidence. Recently, many users have been unable to watch videos on Youtube with the loading part stuck for a long time, while the video does not work. 

Youtube team has already recognized the issue and has tweeted the same from its official social media channel. As per the update, they have informed their users that their team is already aware of the issue and they are working on the fix. The same will be updated through their Twitter handle as soon as the issue has been fixed. As per Youtube, the issue has been spotted with users all around the world and includes countries like the USA, Nigeria, India, etc. 

YouTube video

They have not revealed anything about the issue that is causing the outage but assures the users that it will be resolved soon and they will be able to watch the videos soon. For now, it would be a much better option for you to look for alternatives, especially for those who have been hooked to Youtube throughout the day. It might be a good time for you to take the eyes from your phone away and indulge in other activities, such as book reading or doing other things.

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