Zoom adds two-factor authentication to its platform

The popular video calling platform Zoom has just released an update that would enable Zoom users to use two-factor authentication. The new feature from oom will ask the users to provide two or more pieces of evidence or credentials to provide them access to the account. The two-factor authentication would allow users to use different authentication methods like Password, PIN, fingerprint, voice recognition, and even smart cards if they use any. The Zoom platform has been much in the news ever since the pandemic, where the requirement of video calling apps increased multiple times in volume. 

The company has ever since been in profit and popular for educational and professional video calls. There have been a lot of allegations at the same time where it was said that the company is using the data of the users and sending it to China and also there were indications that the data of the user on the app is not safe. Ever since the allegation has started, Zoom has been adding a lot of security features to the platform to assure the customers that using Zoom is completely safe and their data is protected. 

The new features add an extra layer of security, which is used by some of the most popular platforms used today. The new features allow users to confirm the ownership using an OTP, which is sent by the Zoom servers. These new features are sure to protect Zoom users from identity theft and security breaches, especially when the last few months data from many reputed companies have been compromised.


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