2-Player Split Screen support coming to Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated games for 2020, which was earlier showcased in the Xbox showcase. The showcase provided a complete 8-minute gameplay video, which showed many new features, changes in the graphics, gameplay, etc. While the audience was excited about the game and loved the gameplay, there was a lot more information that was about to be released.

The latest of the announced features is that Halo Infinite’s campaign will feature a two-player split-screen mode locally. Earlier, this feature was only available for games with a season pass to play online. However, adding this feature to the campaign, which is played offline, is a great chance for Xbox users. Also, you can play the campaign with your friend as long as you have two controllers. 

Earlier, there were reports that the game would be supporting a four-player split campaign, which was later rejected by Jerry Hook, which is the head of 343 Industries’ design. Hos tweet mentioned that there would be no four-player split screens support in the game. However, you can layer with the other three friends in the four-player co-op mode.

It is a new feature for any Halo games, and Xbox fans are expecting more interesting news about the multiplayer version of the gameplay. The game will be released on multiple platforms such as Xbox One, PC via Steam, and Microsoft store. The game is expected to launch together with the new Xbox series control in November.


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