Halo Infinite is coming to Xbox in Fall 2021

When it comes to gaming consoles, most of the players select them based on the features of the exclusive titles they come up with, that can only be played on a specific console. There have been a lot of good and exclusive titles for Xbox as well, but certainly one of the most popular among them is “Halo“. Now as per the recent official statement from Microsoft, “Halo Infinite,” the biggest Xbox game originally planned for the November launch of its new console last month, will go on sale in fall 2021“. 

The details were given to Bloomberg by the company themselves after they announced the delay of the game launch in August 2020. The main reason listed for the delay was the challenges the development team had to face while working on the game in the period of a pandemic. Halo is the biggest franchise for Xbox which started two decades ago and is still running high as ever. The development of the game slowed down a lot during the pandemic, due to which the company had to announce the delay in the game launch, leading to a lot of disappointment among Halo fans. 

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However, now since the company has already made the announcement and commitment about the launch of the games, it is surely good news for the Xbox fans. Apart from Halo, the company is also looking at many other gaming titles, which were either stopped or delayed during the pandemic. We expect to hear a lot more from the company before the game is launched officially.

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