Man on Twitter claims to 3D print his own Surface Duo before the official launch

The all-new Surface Duo is around the corner for its official launch, and Microsoft is excited about the same, and so are the consumers. However, in between all of this, a user on Twitter, named Joshua, used the 3D printing technology to create his dual-screen PC, which is a recreation of Surface Duo, even before its official release.

The man currently owns an iPad 11 and wants to create his Surface Duo. First, the user posted a picture of a pair of blocks using tape, which had a similar mechanism of folding as Surface Duo. Later he posted a new pic that had an updated version of the Surface Duo, using resin and small hinges created from the 3D printer.

The duo clone had a three-way around the fold, which is very similar to the actual dual-screen PC. The replica of the upcoming device is looking impressive with the Windows logo on both sides. Microsoft and Surface Duo fans were excited to see the replica as it provided the same dimensions as the real device.

The device is all set to be launched in the last week of August, as expected. The device has been reported to have Bluetooth SIG and FCC certifications, along with many new and different features, which has not been added to any Windows device yet. It is claimed to be a very powerful device among its category.


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