Amazon Echo Dot Show has a new Follow you feature.

A couple of days back Amazon launched its new series of Amazon Echo devices, such as Echo dot, and Echo Show smart speaker. Amazon Echo Dot Show had a 10-inch inbuilt screen as well, which did host a lot of functions. One of the major functions that have been the highlight of the device is that it can follow the user. The speaker with a screen has an in-built swivel around its base that can move to keep the user in the eyeliner with its 13Mp front camera. The model has an HD display that can provide a 360-degree swivel movement to track the user in a room. 

All thanks to the motion tracking and image sensors on the device which can not only track the users but also provide a panorama of its surroundings to the devices of other users located elsewhere. However, many users were not very happy to hear about this feature as they thought the device could be exploring their privacy. Amazon clarified that the swivel feature is only used in cases like when the screen needs to be constantly on the users, while in the meeting. Also, the roving screen has a hardware privacy shutter that would not be allowed to track the user when they do not want them to. 

Apart from these features, the company has also launched new spherical shaped echo dot speakers without the screen which also includes a new kid version. and starts at just $49.99. So if you are planning to get a new Echo Dot device, you can also get the Echo Dot Show device with a 10-inch screen as it will also support Netflix screening in the coming days.

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