Android Smart TV gets a new Android Data Saver app in the Google Play Store

Android TV or Smart TVs has been the latest trend and most sold device in the market after smartphones. When it comes to Android TV or Smart TV, the most important thing for it to function is a good internet connection. Since it is connected to WiFi for running multiple streaming apps, it consumes a lot of data, which might not be the best thing for many Smart TV users. However, Google has been looking at this for a long time, due to which they introduced the Data Saver Mode to Android TV last year. 

The feature allowed users to connect the smart TV with a mobile hotspot, in cases where they did not have any WiFi connection. Now, Google has uploaded an Android Data Saver app in the Google Play Store which is further going to save on data consumption through smart TVs. With the increasing demand for smart TVs in the market and requirement for new features, the amount of internet data it consumes is increasing. So users with less bandwidth or slow speed internet connection were facing a lot of issues in running the application. especially those, who had limited data to work with. 

The new Android TV Data Saver app is currently available in the US and soon will be made available to other regions as well. It will allow the users to consume the least amount of internet data and run the apps on the smart TV. It will also allow the users to run the apps on the smart TV with a mobile hotspot, conserving the data to the max.

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