Remote Play on Android now supports Playstation 5.

With remote playing platforms becoming really popular these days, platforms like Stadia and xCloud have been gaining new users constantly. With such a platform, high-quality gaming is becoming more and more accessible to people on their mobile devices, without the need for any expensive hardware. In the same trend, Sony has brought its own Remote Play app for all the Android phones last year and now it has been updated with the support for the new Playstation 5. 

The Playstation 5 will be made available from the month of November 2020, but the company is making sure that the remote playing app is ready by the time users to have their hands on the Playstation 5. It is why the app is getting regular updates and is getting optimized to resolve any kind of bugs and issues in the app. In the version 4.0.0 of the app, it has added the ability to connect to Playstation 5 consoles using Remote Play. Earlier it was a feature that was only compatible with Sony Xperia devices and later the company made it compatible with all devices that were running Android 5 and above. 

With the support being added for Playstation 5, it seems that the company is pushing its boundaries with remote gaming and trying to set up a platform similar to xCloud and Stadia. Sony is also working on modernizing its app and also changing the way it looks. If you want to try the application, you can download it right now from the Google Play Store.

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